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Grüter · Hamich & Partner

Editors: Katja Springer, Andreas Koczelnik, Hanns Heinrich Paust

Telephone: (+49) 02065 / 90880
Fax: (+49) 02065 / 908850
Email: info(at)

Sales tax ID no.

Duisburg: DE 121345476
Krefeld: DE 160353096
Meißen: DE 162085017

Further details are listed under the individual office locations. Our general terms and conditions can be found here.

Professional liability insurer

HDI-Gerling Firmen und Privatversicherung AG
Postfach 510369
30633 Hannover

Scope as per the HDI-Gerling general and particular insurance conditions regarding financial loss liability insurance for tax consultants, auditors and chartered accountants (AVB-WSR, VH 558:1).

Special information on the tax consultants

At all offices, partners bear the legal professional title of tax consultant, which has been conferred by the Federal Republic of Germany/the federal states of North-Rhine Westphalia and Saxony.

Further details as per § 6 of the German Teleservice Law (TDG) and § 2 DL-InfoV, as well as information on partners with powers of representation, are listed under the individual office locations.

Competent chamber as supervisory authority

The offices in Duisburg, Essen, Krefeld and Wesel are governed by the Düsseldorf Chamber of Tax Consultants, public law corporation, Grafenberger Allee 98, 40237 Düsseldorf.

The office in Meissen is governed by the Free State of Saxony Chamber of Tax Consultants, public law corporation, Emil-Fuchs-Str. 2, 04105 Leipzig.

Professional conduct rules

The ethical and professional conduct rules applicable to tax consultants are

  • The German Tax Consultancy Act (StBerG)
  • The German implementing regulation for the Tax Consultancy Act (DVStB)
  • The professional code of conduct for tax consultants (BOStB)
  • The fee structure for tax consultants (StBGebV)

The professional conduct rules and standards can be viewed on the websites of the Düsseldorf Chamber of Tax Consultants at, the Saxon Chamber of Tax Consultants at, and the German Federal Chamber of Tax Consultants at

Special information on the chartered accountants and auditors

All persons described on this website as chartered accountants or auditors hold the professional title of “Chartered accountant – Federal Republic of Germany” (“vereidigter Buchprüfer/vereidigte Buchprüferin Bundesrepublik Deutschland") or “Auditor accredited by the Federal Republic of Germany” (“Wirtschaftsprüfer/Wirtschaftsprüferin der Bundesrepublik Deutschland").

Competent chamber of public accountants

Wirtschaftsprüferkammer (KdöR)
Rauchstraße 26
10787 Berlin

Professional conduct rules:

  • The act on the code of professional practice for German public auditors (WPO),
  • The professional code of conduct for auditors/chartered accountants (BS WP/vBP),
  • The quality control rules,
  • The German regulation on document seals,
  • The German regulation governing professional liability insurance for auditors

The latest version of the professional conduct rules can be viewed on the website of the Chamber of Public Accountants ("Service – Legal regulations" section)

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Confidentiality notice

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Notice on completeness

To keep things simple and convenient, we have kept our professional information here short, meaning it cannot replace a personalised consultation. The information has been compiled and researched with care, but no responsibility is taken for the accuracy thereof.

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